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Created: 2/19/21 (Fri) | Topic: Events

By Seth Estenson, NDFB Northeast Field Representative

Last week, I drove from Tokio to Bismarck to attend a Field Staff meeting and annual fundraiser for the NDFB Foundation on Giving Hearts Day. It was a ridiculously cold day with temperatures across the state ranging from 40-50 below zero with wind chill. For most of the drive I nervously wondered how many livestock waterers were frozen for my Dad that morning at the ranch.

As I got closer to Bismarck, I began to prepare my mind for calling NDFB leaders and asking for donations to the Foundation. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but regardless of the amazing accomplishments of the Foundation – from scholarships and education to disaster assistance – I always have a hard time asking people for money. When I’m asked for a charitable donation, I’m usually hesitant to donate, mostly because I am unfamiliar with the charitable organization and how it spends its money. I have seen the good works the NDFB Foundation has carried out in North Dakota and I believe in what it does.

Our Farm Bureau leaders stepped up and made the day incredible. We exceeded our fundraising goal, thanks to all those folks who generously donated. I was feeling pretty good as I went outside to warm up my car. Ten minutes later I stepped back outside to begin the journey home, but my car had overheated.

That was when my real lesson in charity began.

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