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July 19, 2016: Freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral and religious concepts. It's the first of NDFB's printed beliefs. What happens when the actions of too many of our citizens no longer sustain those beliefs?

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Changing in times, challenging in times face our world and our country. You know, Farm Bureau has a couple of beliefs, here, that I want to share with you. America’s unparalleled progress is based on freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral and religious concepts, is our first belief listed in our policy book. The second one: Economic progress, cultural advancement, ethical and religious principles flourish best where people are free, responsible individuals.

We enjoy the freedoms of this country. With that comes certain responsibilities. But those freedoms didn’t come free and they seem to be challenged more and as the days pass.

In light of recent attacks on our law enforcement or the recent attacks on individuals that we see more and more commonplace, we have to ask ourselves, are we seeing the axis of evil overpowering that religious freedom that we were guaranteed, our God-given freedom, and our constitutional freedom by our Founding Fathers. Have we put ourselves in this position of being afraid to allow God’s name in to be referenced or seen in our education systems, in our public places, and in the way that we handle ourselves on a daily basis.

And it makes me proud to be a member of the North Dakota Farm Bureau, where we start each and every meeting that we have, whether it’s a board meeting or it’s our state annual meeting, giving reverence to our Founding Fathers, and our country, our freedoms by pledging our allegiance to the flag, and also a prayer, an invocation recognizing our religious freedoms and those freedoms granted by God of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that our Founding Fathers guaranteed us in document, called our Constitution.  

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