God Bless the Farmer

Created: 12/17/10 (Fri) | Topic: Education

"For every grain of sand, on every shore, there's a seed that is planted in the soil..."

So begins a song, written by third-grade teacher Cheryl Bombenger. Cheryl has written more than 200 songs about agriculture since attending an Ag in the Classroom conference in 2009.

God Bless the Farmer was featured at the NDFB annual meeting banquet and Cheryl got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Cheryl also had her students write thank you letters to farmers and ranchers to place on each of the banquet tables at the annual meeting. Our God Bless the Farmer page features some of those letters, as well as an audio clip of the song, sung by Cheryl's third-grade class.

To read the letters and hear the song, click here.

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