Group says no to Measure 5

Created: 9/15/14 (Mon) | Topic: Issues

North Dakota Farm Bureau has joined a variety of other groups, including North Dakota Farmers Union, and the North Dakota School Boards Association, to name just a few, in an effort to defeat Measure 5.

The North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation Coalition is committed to responsible conservation and stewardship of our land and wildlife. The group supports common-sense conservation that develops and enhances North Dakota’s rich heritage while embracing our exciting future.

Out-of-state special interest groups have funded the effort to get the initiated Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment on the general election ballot in November 2014. Measure 5 seeks to dedicate 5 percent of North Dakota's revenue from its oil extraction tax to a new conservation fund overseen by a 13-member advisory board.

Learn more about Measure 5 by going to the coalition website.

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