Gwinner student wins Safety Picture Contest

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A student from Gwinner is the winner of North Dakota Farm Bureau's 2012 safety picture contest.

NaKayla Halmrast, from North Sargent School took home the top prize. Her picture was of a pasture scene featuring a goat, a sheep and a cow inside the fence and a girl staying on outside the fence. Her caption was “Watch those horns!”

“One of the important things we teach children through our ABC (Always Be Careful) presentations to second and fifth-graders is, ‘It makes sense to stay outside the fence,’ and this picture illustrates that perfectly,” said NDFB safety coordinator Staci Lee. 
This year, 176 students from across the state participated in the contest. Sargent County Farm Bureau and Dickey County Farm Bureau held their own contests within their counties.
NaTanya Olson, Dickey County Farm Bureau secretary said they chose winners in third, fourth and fifth-grade classes in the two schools in Dickey County. Each of the winners will receive a $25 check from Dickey County Farm Bureau. 
“We had so many great pictures this year,” Lee said. “I enjoy seeing all the beautiful drawings and the great safety messages from the kids. They are so creative.”
As the winner, NaKayla will receive a $100 gift card at Toys-R-Us. In addition, her artwork will be featured on placemats used at Farm Bureau functions throughout the year. Her picture is also available for download at
“We hope this safety picture contest helps build awareness about safety on the farm,” Lee said. “By increasing safety awareness, particularly among children, we can make a positive difference and see fewer of those sad headlines about an injury or death on the farm.”
For more information on North Dakota Farm Bureau’s award-winning safety program, go to
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