December 31, 2022

Happy new year - Reflection and hope

Topic: Events

Happy New Year from your friends at NDFB.

As we pause to reflect on 2022 and embrace 2023, we share this My NDFB Life post from Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt.

Reflection and hope

by Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Public Policy Director

As we close 2022 and ring in the new year, it makes me both hopeful for the future and reflective on the past, particularly my years of service within the Farm Bureau family. I recall as a teenager going to 4-H Junior Leader Conference, and our county Farm Bureau President being there as we loaded the bus. They were our major sponsor and provided us with our green jackets. Before each 4-Her stepped into the bus, the president put their jacket on them and wished us well at the conference.

I also reflect on my first few years as a Farm Bureau Field Representative and the lessons I learned from tried-and-true leaders in each of my counties. I learned lessons on “how” and certainly “how not” from my mistakes and sometimes their misjudgments. It was a learning process for all and we grew together.

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