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June 9, 2020: Do you want a say in how things go? You can make a difference by getting involved in NDFB's grassroots policy development process.

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Yes, we may have been living in some crazy times here and they seem to be continuing. A lot of angst in the world. A lot of angst in our country, even our state and especially in our close neighboring states. But there’s one thing that people can be rest assured of: If you’re a member of NDFB, your voice can be heard.

And I’m talking about our policy development process. Right now we have counties looking at scheduling meetings so they can have their policy development discussions; they can bring ideas, the grassroots members can bring ideas of what they feel is important policy for things that need to be improved, things that need to be changed, or enhancements to make rural life better here in North Dakota. Not just for our farmers and ranchers either, but we want life to be better for all North Dakotans.

So, as counties are starting to plan these meetings, as a farmer and rancher, as a voting member of NDFB, be thinking about those issues that are close and dear to your heart and your livelihood that need improvement. Bring those policies forward. Come to your annual meeting at the county level where they will debate them, they will pass the ones on that they feel should go on to the district, where they’ll get debated again, and they’ll go on to the state level for the rigorous, vigorous debate between all the representatives from the counties throughout the whole state that represent the members all across the great state of North Dakota in NDFB.

And this grassroots policy development process is unmatched by any other organization in the state of North Dakota. And we’re proud to say that we listen to our members. We hear our members. They pass the policy and we advocate on behalf of that policy.

Become a part of the process. If you’re not a member of NDFB and you want a say in how things go, and how to make things better for agriculture and rural life, then join and get active at the county level, where this process starts. And it’ll start soon when counties start announcing their annual meeting dates. So, get involved now. Become involved. Stay involved, and have a say in the direction of the policy that we pass for the direction of the NDFB process of advocating on behalf of all of you, our members, farmers and ranchers, throughout North Dakota.  

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