March 22, 2018

His wish to grow up on a farm came true

Topic: Education

By Colton Christmann

Growing up, I always wanted to be raised on a farm. My grandparents on both sides of the family had farmsteads and my parents had lived on those farms themselves.

When I was about ten years old, my family moved out to a farm, not far from the same town that we had been living in, in Kindred, N.D. For eight years I have lived on our farm where we have raised beef cattle, horses, chickens, rabbits and pigs. Over the year, I have learned how to take care of those animals while developing other necessary skills.

As a farmer’s kid, I have become dexterous with the tractor, as I am able to cut and rake hay as well as being able to move bales around the farm. These skills have given me valuable knowledge on operating a farm and priceless skills that I can use while driving and operating other forms of machinery.

Agriculture has had a positive impact on my life as the cattle, chicken and pigs that we raised have provided our family with sources of income and food. I am well-aware of the idea of “Farm to Fork” and that is something that I have become grateful for.

Thanks to agriculture and innovative advances in technology, the world can be supplied with healthy food that gives us the nutrition that we all need. Agriculture is important for the continuation and growth of humanity’s well-being. There are many reasons to thank the world of agriculture – including advancement of food, mechanics, environment and electrical technology.

Agriculture has such a vast world of opportunities, which means the possibilities are endless. Many people don’t realize it, but agriculture is involved in how every person operates their day.

The 2018 NDFB Scbolarship winners will be announced in May.