How consumers are coping with rising food prices

Created: 4/25/11 (Mon) | Topic: Education

The results from a new poll released by the Center for Food Integrity indicates consumers are coping with the rising cost of food by changing their shopping behaviors. The poll, posted on the organization’s Best Food Facts website ( shows that 37 percent of the respondents are clipping coupons, 32 percent are buying fewer name brand items and 17 percent are shopping at discount/warehouse stores in an effort to keep the household budget in the black.

Best Food Facts interviewed Dr. Helen Jensen, an economics professor at Iowa State University, about the survey results and her thoughts on how American families are dealing with the higher cost of food. In addition to the options listed in the survey, Jensen suspects people are also cutting back on food eaten or prepared away from home.

“Clearly, rising food prices are increasing their share of budget spent on food,” Dr. Jensen said, citing statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor. “The share of income has increased from 11 or 12 percent to almost 13 percent … a very clear indication that people are spending more on food.”

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