June 30, 2018

How to feed a pig: from adolescence to finishing

Topic: Leadership

As part of a summer series to My NDFB Life, we will be experiencing 4-H through the eyes of 15-year-old Paul Hanebutt. Paul is the son of Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Director of Public Policy. Throughout the summer, we will learn about the joys, struggles and rewards of being involved in 4-H.

"My last blog was about walking my pigs. This week is another important factor in raising show pigs: diet, nutrition, and feed. Just like humans, pigs need to have a balanced diet to help stay healthy and grow properly.

"When we first get the pigs, they are on an adolescence feed that we usually get from the seller. Once they are home we mix some of the feed they have been on with some of their new grower feed. This new feed helps them grow as they get older and as they gain more weight. They stay on the grower feed for most of the summer. In late summer, we change it to a finisher feed for fair time."

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