Independence Day inspiration from Paine

Created: 7/02/21 (Fri) | Topic: Events

by Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Public Policy Director

America will enjoy another anniversary of our Declaration of Independence this weekend. As we know from high school history classes, delegates from the 13 colonies gathered in the summer of 1776 with the intent of crafting a declaration, letting the world know the people living in what would become our original states, would no longer consider themselves subjects of the British Crown, or beholding to the British government. What a revolutionary thing to do! Telling your government, “I’m mad and I’m not going to take it anymore” was almost completely unheard of at that time.

During the Revolution, Thomas Paine was the author of several publications which inspired the patriots. Both Common Sense and The Crisis were well known among the citizens of that era. Some of Paine’s most famous quotes are instructional for us today.

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