June 26, 2018

Independence Day is coming

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June 26, 2018: Most people call it the 4th of July celebration, but we like to remind folks that it is Independence Day and the celebration is more than fireworks and picnics.

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It’s our Independence Day next week, and we at NDFB want to wish everyone a happy Independence Day. No. It’s not the fourth of July celebration, it’s the Independence Day celebration. Many people gave the ultimate sacrifice to provide us with independence, to provide us with that freedom, opportunity and self-reliance that makes the United States of America so great.

At NDFB, we champion that freedom; the ability to pursue the American dream. But there has to be opportunity along that way, and in America, we are guaranteed the opportunity to try, to pursue that American dream.

And with that freedom and opportunity comes responsibility: self-reliance. Too many times we expect the government to fix our problems for us. And yet, I reflect back to that Independence Day, the day that we declared our independence, the day that we celebrate our freedom, our opportunity, and our self-reliance, which comes with that freedom and opportunity, and I thank those men and women, back in the day where every day was a challenge, in settling this great land from east to west, and north to south that we now call United States of America.

So from NDFB, happy Independence Day and be safe, enjoy, but reflect on how we gained our independence.  

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