Is the JD Tech progam for you?

Created: 5/23/18 (Wed) | Topic: Education

What if you could earn a degree in two years and not have any loans to pay back?

Valley Plains Equipment is looking for career-minded high school students to consider enrolling in the John Deere Tech program. “The JD Tech program is a partnership between John Deere, Valley Plains Equipment and North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton,” said Jeff Irwin, Aftermarket Manager for Valley Plains Equipment. “We are looking for people with an interest in technical, diagnostic and troubleshooting work and a heart for customer service.”

An ag background is an asset but not a requirement. Ag equipment today is highly advanced with more on-board computers than the first space shuttle. These days, there is less mechanical and more technical work that involves machine health diagnostics where the machine sends alerts to the dealership to be addressed sometimes remotely.

The program allows young people who want to stay in their communities to get training, earn a two-year associate of science degree from Wahpeton and earn money while attending a three-to-nine-week Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) at a dealership.

“It’s an opportunity to earn while you learn,” Irwin said. “It costs around $30,000 to get a degree, but students who take advantage of this program and graduate can receive up to $20,000 reimbursement if they are employed full-time, not to mention a paid internship, and scholarship opportunities.”

In addition, because graduates of the JD Tech program are fully certified, they have a higher income potential. “Between the $20,000 reimbursement, the potential of $3,000 in scholarships and the $13,000 compensation through the SOE, a student could potentially come out ahead. Coming out of college debt free is just a dream for most students,” Irwin said.

For more information about the program contact Jeff Irwin at 218-790-4844. Valley Plains Equipment is a John Deere dealer with locations in Jamestown, Valley City, Hunter, Galesburg, Hillsboro and Crookston, Minn.

And don't forget about NDFB's John Deere benefit.

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