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Created: 9/24/19 (Tue) | Topic: Leadership

September 24, 2019: Members are at the heart of what makes NDFB a thriving, action-oriented organization. Here's how it works.

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Membership involvement makes for a great organization at NDFB. We are nearing the end of the first phase of our grassroots policy development. And what I’m talking about is our county annual meetings. We’ve been all across the state – from the northwest to the southeast, from the northeast to the southwest. This next week or two will wrap up the majority of those county annual meetings, and that first phase, that very ground floor, that grassroots policy development phase that we pride ourselves on at NDFB.

Our policy is driven from our membership. We do not push policy from the top down. It is policy that is thought of by an individual, then brought to the county where they debate it, they discuss it, they fine-tune it, then that resolution goes on to the district where the counties in each district debate it, discuss it and make it better again. And finally it will end up – November 22nd and 23rd – at our annual meeting and convention in Fargo. And that’s where delegates from each county will have a very robust, vigorous and rigorous debate of the direction that our policy should go for the following year at NDFB.

It’s a very steadfast and deliberate process to make sure we have our policy that falls in line with our philosophical principles and beliefs that we were founded on over 75 years ago. And I thank all theNDFB members for doing your little part in making sure that our policy gives us the direction that we need to carry out the great advocating process that we have at NDFB, on behalf of all farmers and ranchers, in the best state in the nation, right here in North Dakota.  

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