It's the little things that stay with us

Created: 9/20/21 (Mon) | Topic: Education

By Becca Hennessy, NDFB Northwest Field Representative

If you take a step back for even five minutes and think about how far you’ve come, whether it’s from a specific time in your life or just from birth, you will see how experiences have shaped your life. Some experiences may steer you away from a certain path while others motivate you to do what you’re passionate about.

In agriculture, we see the many ups and downs, stresses, appreciation, anxiety, and triumphs that the industry throws our way. However, we sometimes miss the little things. Take for instance a young child meeting a newborn calf for the first time. This experience is just a small steppingstone to what that child’s future may hold, one that could shape their personal and professional lives.

I can still remember the first time I watched my dad pull a calf.

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