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September 11, 2018: It's time for farmers and ranchers to take action and let our congressional delegation know we need the positive reforms the House version of the farm bill provides.

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September 30 is the quote, unquote “D-Day” for the farm bill. That’s when the existing bill expires. At that point, by then, they will have either had to do a continuing resolution, a CR, or have passed a new version of the farm bill. I think the prior is the more likely one to happen this fall.

But having said that, we must not rest right now, on the good things that we’ve got available to us in the changes in the farm bill. Most notably, for our members at NDFB, are the changes to swampbuster; some very good language in the House bill regarding swampbuster reforms.

We need to call, it’s time to action, NDFB members. Farmers and ranchers, call in to all three congressional offices, both Senators and the Congressman’s office, and explain the need and the value to get swampbuster reform and how important it is to North Dakota agriculture. Because, word on the street is, that some of these things may be compromised out of the farm bill if they don’t hear how important the need is.

Yes, we at NDFB are advocating every day on behalf of our members and on behalf of farmers and ranchers from our state, but we now need our farmers and ranchers of NDFB to pick up the phone, grab the computer keyboard, send an email and reach out to all three offices. Let them know the importance of some of these positive changes.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for North Dakota to have all three of our representatives from North Dakota involved in the conference committee. Let’s take the golden opportunity, reach for the brass ring, and get those positive changes that we so much need.

Your future, your opportunity for freedom and self-reliance with your private property is dependent on you taking action right away. And now is when the biggest decision for the next five years and how it affects you on your farm and ranch, will be decided. And you can be a part of that decision.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate versions. 

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