Just let go

Created: 8/29/22 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership

by Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations

When your palms are sweating, your heart is racing and your nerves are at their peak, sometimes the only option is to trust your foundation and let go. This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in a ropes course. I have never done anything like it before. As I drove home after those intense, nerve-racking hours, I thought of some life lessons I had learned that day, lessons that will help me in years to come. For instance:

When you walk your child into school on the first day, with your hands held together because you are nervous for the next chapter to begin – trust in the future and just let go.

When you hand the keys to your anxiously awaiting, teenaged, newly licensed driver – trust in the knowledge you have taught them and just let go.

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