Legislature to hear Heritage Area bill

Created: 1/17/11 (Mon) | Topic: Issues

The Senate Agriculture Committee will hear public testimony on a bill that would prohibit state funding from being used to match federal dollars without the approval of the state legislature for the Northern Plains National Heritage Area. The hearing is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 21 at 10 a.m. The session is set for the Roosevelt Park Room at the State Capitol.

SB 2204 also requires approval of the state legislature before state land, water, property or facilities could be included in the designated area. The state legislature would also have to approve any expansion of the heritage area in North Dakota.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Margaret Sitte of Bismarck and is co-sponsored by Sens. Randy Christmann, Hazen; Terry Wanzek, Jamestown; and Reps. Jim Kasper, Fargo; Jim Schmidt, Huff; and Dwight Wrangham, Bismarck.

The public is invited to the hearing.

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