Measure 3 receives Tribune endorsement

Created: 10/17/12 (Wed) | Topic: Issues

The Bismarck Tribune has endorsed Measure 3. In the editorial, appearing in today's paper, the Tribune says, "North Dakota voters should vote yes on Measure 3 and place that language in the state’s constitution.

"Farming and ranching are critical elements in the state’s heritage and its economic future. Ensuring agriculture’s primacy makes good sense.

The editorial goes on to say, "There has been a movement in Europe and parts of the United States to restrict farming and ranching practices based on changing urban sensibilities that are disconnected from production agriculture. Food politics that many North Dakotans would consider anti-agriculture get credibility in the nation’s large urban areas.

"In other words, there’s cause for the North Dakota farm and ranch community to protect its interests. And those North Dakotans who do not depend directly on agriculture also have a serious stake in the continued practice of modern farming and ranching."

Read the entire editorial by clicking here.

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