July 24, 2020

Members matter

Topic: Leadership

by Dawn Smith-Pfeifer, NDFB Director of Content and Communications

About eight weeks ago, we started a special weekly feature on Instagram and Facebook called #farmeroftheweek/#rancheroftheweek. And I have to tell you, it has been AWE. SOME.

There is just something so satisfying about reading the profiles of our members, what is important to them and why they choose to belong to NDFB. It’s a nice reminder that, despite the pandemic and all the “should nots” we face every day, good people are still out there working every day to do a job they love.

NDFB’s field staff — Alisha Nord Donnelly, Seth Estenson, Haley Robison and Becca Hennessy — visit members in their area and provide the write-up and photographs for each profile.

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