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By NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad

If you don’t think elections and politics affect you, by all means stop reading now! However, if you are a member of Farm Bureau and have been reading these columns, I know you have an understanding of how all of our lives are affected by both elections and politics.

The coming election is going to be the most significant mid-term election many of us will ever have the privilege to participate in. We have an opportunity to impact our future and our children’s future by voting to establish the Legacy Fund (Measure One). Measure One will set aside 30 percent of the tax revenue collected from oil and gas and place it in a savings account for the State. This account will ensure income from the current oil boom for future generations of North Dakotans.

The NDFB PAC has endorsed a slate of candidates that we know will continue to allow the growth and prosperity North Dakota has enjoyed while the rest of the nation has been struggling.

Now, I must say all the candidates that are seeking office must be commended for putting their names on a ballot for us to choose.

In the contest for Commissioner of Agriculture, the NDFB PAC has endorsed current Commissioner Doug Goehring. Doug displays a passion and understanding of North Dakota’s largest industry that is needed in the office of Commissioner of Agriculture. Commissioner Goehring understands not only the business of agriculture but business in general, and he also has a very clear understanding of the damage that can be done by over-regulation on the economy of North Dakota.

For Attorney General, we believe Wayne Stenehjem is one of the finest Attorneys General in the nation. Attorney General Stenehjem has been a tireless defender of making North Dakota the safest place in the country to live. His initiatives in the fight against methamphetamine have virtually brought an end to the manufacture of this nemesis in our state. His efforts for consumer protection have also not gone unnoticed. We are convinced Mr. Stenehjem will continue his direction, assuring North Dakotans a safe and good place to raise a family.

In the race for Tax Commissioner we have chosen to endorse Cory Fong. Commissioner Fong has an excellent understanding of the administrative functions of the department along with a supporting philosophy of needed tax reform. Commissioner Fong has a clear understanding of the issues synonymous with the tax department.

Kevin Cramer has received the NDFB PAC endorsement for PSC. Commissioner Cramer displayed a knowledge that is exactly what we need at this important point in the history of North Dakota. Commissioner Cramer understands the development of our resources must be done in a responsible manner. Couple that sense of responsibility with an understanding that government can do more to damage this development than further it, we believe Kevin Cramer displays a balance that will work for North Dakota well into the future.

Not only do we have a chance to affect the future well-being of our state, we have a chance to contribute to a change of direction that I believe is needed in Congress.

We have an opportunity to elect John Hoeven to the U.S. Senate and Rick Berg to the U.S. House of Representatives. The North Dakota Farm Bureau PAC has endorsed both of these men because, in our view, they best exemplify the policies and philosophy of the North Dakota Farm Bureau. We know that John Hoeven and Rick Berg will continue working to establish policies that allow this nation to prosper while protecting individual liberties and freedoms so these United States can continue to be the greatest country in the history of the world.

These are the endorsements of the NDFB PAC and the North Dakota Farm Bureau PAC. I hope you agree with these endorsements.

I also want to encourage you to vote November 2. Even more than that, I encourage you to get involved in the campaign of the candidates you support. Put up a yard sign, volunteer at their office, or donate financially to the campaign. If you are not comfortable doing these things yourself, donate to the NDFB PAC or the North Dakota Farm Bureau PAC. I truly do believe this activity is an investment in our future we all have to make if we want a future as we envision it.

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