My Discussion Meet Journey

Created: 1/22/21 (Fri) | Topic: Leadership

by Sheridan Visser

Farm Bureau is a true testament of a grassroots, networking organization. This is exactly how I got involved with NDFB.

Shortly after moving to North Dakota from Amarillo, Tex., NDFB’s Southwest Field Representative Haley Robison introduced me to Adams County Farm Bureau. I soon became the county secretary, attended my first Farm and Ranch Conference and dove headfirst into my NDFB journey.

Part of my journey includes the discussion meet and it goes something like this:

I walked in the door to register for the 2019 Farm and Ranch conference, and Haley says, “Here Sheridan put your name down on this list. You’ll be good at this.” And like the unquestioning friend that I am, I do whatever my dear friend suggests with my tail wagging. It wasn’t until later that day that I found out what a discussion meet truly was.

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