February 3, 2020

My Texas barbecue adventure

Topic: Education

by Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Public Policy Director

America is a country with an interesting food culture, so much so that we have dedicated food channels on our cable TV networks. There are foods from all over the world represented, which reflects our diverse nature and sub-cultures. One type of food which has become distinctively American is barbeque. But even within this food type there are categories and subcategories reflective of regional customs styles and tastes. You might find smoked (using a variety of wood) and unsmoked, rubbed with various spices or completely unrubbed, with sauce and without sauce, and an entire spectrum within just the sauce world. The word “barbeque” itself can even be spelled various ways and can mean several completely different types of food flavors depending on the region of the country.

Regardless of what style you like, American barbeque in its proper form involves meat, and I’m a confirmed and unabashed carnivore, so the opportunity to sample at least one segment of the American barbeque culture is always appealing.

I recently had the joy of sampling several types of Texas barbeque during our American Farm Bureau annual meeting in Austin.

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