My topsy turvy NDFB life

Created: 4/06/20 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership

by Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Director of Public Policy

Maybe for this edition of My NDFB Life it should be renamed My Topsy-Turvy NDFB Life – and not because anything is off the rails at NDFB. We’re still operating in a business-as-usual way, but outside forces have caused us all to adjust to how we do things. Normally during this time of year, I’d be monitoring state legislative interim activities, regulatory activities at the state and federal level, and tracking congressional action. The COVID-19 situation has changed my routine, as I’m sure it has changed some part of everyone’s definition of normal.

A few weeks ago, the state Legislative Management Committee (the group of legislators who oversee most state activities during the interim) met along with the budget section to fulfill their normal oversight duties. One of the decisions made that day was to basically suspend legislative interim committees until at least early summer. That’s probably prudent on their part, but it certainly took a lot of meetings off of my calendar. In addition, most state regulatory meetings have gone electronic or been suspended altogether, opening another void in my regular schedule. Before you wonder what I’ve been doing with “all this free time,”

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