March 9, 2022

NDFB Art Contest Winners Announced

Topic: Events

What is North Dakota agriculture number one in? Fourth and fifth-grade students answered that question through their creativity during the NDFB Annual Art Contest in celebration of NDFB Week, March 6-12, 2022.
The contest taught students about agriculture while challenging their artistic side. Fourth and fifth graders were asked to draw one or more of the crops North Dakota is number one in. Two winners in each grade were chosen in the following categories:

- Creativity and originality of the theme

- Quality of artistic composition and overall design

The fourth-grade winner for creativity is Braelyn Rath of Tuttle, N.D. Fourth-grade winner for artistic composition is Carina Pasere of Killdeer, N.D.  

The fifth-grade winner for creativity is Alyvia Kline of Scranton, N.D. Fifth-grade winner for artistic composition is Brooke Oster of Sterling, N.D. 

“We had over 350 entries this year and it was a difficult decision,” said Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations. “It was so much fun to see what the students had learned about North Dakota agriculture and then seeing that come to life on paper.”

Each winner will receive $50.



North Dakota is #1 in: 
Beans, Dry Edible, All 
Beans, Dry Edible, Pinto  
Sunflower, All  
Sunflower, Non-oil   
Sunflower, Oil   
Wheat, All  
Wheat, Durum  
Wheat, Spring