October 22, 2018

NDFB featured in regional ad campaign

Topic: Education

NDFB is sharing the good news of modern agriculture in a new five-minute video that will be featured on Public Broadcasting stations throughout the next year as part of The Success Files, with Rob Lowe.

The video was taped this past summer, featuring NDFB members Val Wagner of Monango, Randy Lemm and Sarah Lovas of Hillsboro, as well as registered dietician, Elizabeth Meyer, of Fargo. Meyer also blogs for NDFB's food-related micro site called On Your Table.

The short-form documentary is being distributed to Public Television Stations nationwide, with an estimated viewership and reach of 60 million households.

In addition, NDFB and On Your Table are featured in a one-minute commercial, airing Oct. 22 -31 on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and Fox networks in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Fargo, Valley City, Minot, Dickinson and Bismarck. The commercial will be aired 50 times throughout that time frame.

“Food is becoming a polarizing force in our lives, but it really doesn't have to be that way," said NDFB Executive Vice President and CEO Jeffrey Missling. "We thought it was time for the public to hear – from actual farmers and ranchers – how technology in farming is contributing to the safety, health and affordability of our food in the United States.”

Farmers and ranchers have families who have the same wants, needs, concerns and questions about food as the rest of the population.

“What farmers don’t have is a fear of their food, because they understand how ‘best practices’ ensure the food they raise is nutritious, safe and healthy. They really want to share that positive message with everyone,” Missling said.

That premise was also the driving force for NDFB to start its On Your Table micro-site.

“On Your Table is a place where the average person can get his or her food questions answered by a farmer or rancher,” said Dawn Smith-Pfeifer, On Your Table website editor. “In addition, we have regular posts by farmers, industry experts and a registered dietician. It’s all designed to debunk some of the more frequent, erroneous claims that are being paraded as fact.”

Below is the one-minute commercial that will be appearing Oct. 22-31:

And the five-minute video that will be aired on Public Broadcasting stations over the next year: