February 14, 2020

NDFB Foundation has successful Giving Hearts Day

Topic: Events

Friends of North Dakota agriculture opened their hearts and donated more than $11,200 to the NDFB Foundation on Giving Hearts Day, February 13.

“This was our very first year being a part of Giving Hearts Day. The willingness of people to open their checkbooks and show support for the future of agriculture was inspiring,” said NDFB Executive Vice President and CEO Jeffrey Missling. “We had a phenomenal day, and we hope it can set the stage for even bigger things down the road.”

The afternoon of Giving Hearts Day, NDFB staff gathered to make phone calls asking for support for the foundation.

“It was a whirlwind of activity,” Missling said. “We had staff in the conference room and in offices, making calls and writing thank you notes. The response we received was encouraging, and we are so grateful to everyone who donated.”

The NDFB Foundation was started by the NDFB Board of Directors in 2002. With each generation, people become more and more removed from the farm and ranch. The NDFB Foundation helps bridge the gap by:

  • Preparing teachers to tell the story of agriculture through innovative and credentialed materials.
  • Teaching children where their food comes from by providing real examples and exchanges with farmers and ranchers.
  • Providing students with scholarship opportunities.

Being a source of hope and financial support for farmers facing disastrous situations. By donating to the NDFB Foundation, you are ensuring a brighter, more hopeful future for agriculture and our entire state.

If you would like to donate to the NDFB Foundation, you can go to the donation web page at