February 25, 2020

NDFB is a proud and strong supporter of youth

Topic: Events

February 25: From FFA and 4-H to our own programs, NDFB is a proud and strong supporter of youth activities and education.

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Spring is in the air. It’s just around the corner. Daylight savings time, just a short week and a half away where we spring forward with our clocks.

Other events out there right now that are pretty exciting is, we’re in the middle of FFA Week right now in North Dakota. NDFB being a big supporter of FFA salutes all the chapters across the state; the teachers, the advisors and all the members, the youth of the FFA.

Some other interesting timelines and deadlines having to do with youth, is this year, for the first year, NDFB has entered into a partnership with the North Dakota 4-H Foundation and the 4-H camp to provide support, assist in the training at the camp and encourage kids to attend a couple of the camps at the 4-H camp at Washburn: The livestock camp, which is in June and the Destination Science camp in August. You can find out the information by going onto our website,, you’ll be able to find a link.

The reason I say there’s some deadlines and some opportunities coming up is March 1 is when they’ll start taking the signups for the 4-H camps. They may fill fast, so if you want your kid to attend a high-quality camp, make sure you check in sooner than later because March 1 is just around the corner.

Another way that we help assist our youth – any youth out there that their family is a member of NDFB – can apply for scholarships to further their education. Even if it isn’t an in-state college they’re going to, March 15 is the deadline to apply for the NDFB scholarships.

This is a way that we can continue supporting youth from out there on the farm and ranch to help them succeed in the endeavors that they so choose to further their education.

So, we have a lot of involvement with all these great youth organizations we have. And this week we salute the FFA during FFA Week in North Dakota. We remind you if you want your kid to attend 4-H camp to check that out, and more importantly if it’s the Livestock camp or the Destination Science camp, you can get that information our website, and if your family is a member of NDFB, check out our scholarship opportunities. The deadline is March 15.

And we hope everybody has a great week and a great month leading up to the charge to springtime.

From NDFB, congratulations to all the youth that are involved in agriculture, who we work hard to support throughout the year.