NDFB opposed to tying crop insurance to conservation compliance

Created: 5/17/13 (Fri) | Topic: Issues

North Dakota Farm Bureau stands opposed to a decision by American Farm Bureau Federation to link conservation compliance and crop insurance in the farm bill.
“NDFB is committed to making sure participation in the crop insurance program is not tied to conservation compliance,” NDFB President Doyle Johannes said, “North Dakota’s  congressional delegation is aware of, and on board, with our position.”
AFBF President Bob Stallman said, in a recent news release:  “Farm Bureau is convinced this agreement will move the farm bill forward. This is a balanced agreement that provides fairness and a measure of certainty to farmers regarding the availability of risk management tools while at the same time helping to conserve natural resources. It’s a win-win situation that was reached by a group of organizations that came together under a banner of common-sense and collaboration.”
Johannes says getting a farm bill at this price, is a bad idea.
“It’s simply not worth it,” Johannes said. “We have been, and will always be steadfast in our opposition to this concept. Tying conservation compliance to crop insurance gives the federal government way too much power and takes away sound conservation decision-making by farmers and ranchers.”
According to AFBF’s release,” under certain circumstances, if a farmer is found to be out of compliance with conservation mandates, his or her eligibility for premium assistance would be eliminated until compliance conditions are satisfied.”
“This is another example of farmers being forced to do something that may not be in the best interest of the farm, or the land, for that matter,” Johannes said. “We absolutely will not support this and stand by the ability of our farmers to know what is best for the land and their business.”
While the Senate Agriculture Committee approved a version of the farm bill with the conservation compliance in it, the House Agriculture committee’s version does not tie crop insurance to conservation compliance. The bill now moves to conference committee.

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