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The NDFB PAC, North Dakota Farm Bureau’s state political action committee, announced its endorsement of four candidates for statewide offices and several state legislative district candidates.

“The NDFB PAC executive committee interviewed candidates for Public Service Commission, Tax Commissioner, Attorney General and Agriculture Commissioner,” said NDFB PAC chairman Eric Aasmundstad. “The committee is charged with interviewing candidates and endorsing those who best complement the philosophies and positions of North Dakota Farm Bureau.”

Candidates who received endorsements from the NDFB PAC are:
Wayne Stenehjem, Attorney General, incumbent
Cory Fong, Tax Commissioner, incumbent
Kevin Cramer, Public Service Commission, incumbent
Doug Goehring, Agriculture Commissioner, incumbent

“The endorsements are based on a proven track record of excellent leadership in their respective offices. All four of these individuals have displayed the dedication and vision North Dakota needs in government,” Aasmundstad said.

In the contest for Commissioner of Agriculture, Aasmundstad said that Doug Goehring exhibited to the committee that he, “understands not only the business of agriculture, but business in general, and he also has a very clear understanding of the damage that can be done by over-regulation on the economy of North Dakota.”

Aasmundstad called Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, “a tireless defender of making North Dakota the safest place to live in the country,” and pointed out Tax Commissioner Corey Fong’s support of tax reform as an important philosophy for helping the state continue to grow.

In the Public Service Commission race, Aasmundstad said Commissioner Cramer understands how important it is to develop our state’s resources in a responsible manner. “That sense of responsibility, coupled with an understanding that government can do more to damage this development than further it, fits well with our beliefs.”

In other NDFB PAC endorsements:

District 5 endorsements were House candidates Scott Louser (R) and Roger Brabandt (R). District 5 is in the city of Minot.

District 7 endorsement was House candidate Dick Anderson. District 7 includes McHenry and Pierce counties and parts of Sheridan and Benson counties.

District 13 endorsements were incumbents Sen. Judy Lee (R), Rep. Kim Koppelman (R) and Rep. Alon Wieland (R). District 13 is in the city of West Fargo.

District 15 endorsements were Sen. Dave Oehlke (R), Rep. Dennis Johnson (R) and Rep. Curt Hofstad (R). District 15 includes Ramsey County and part of Towner County.

District 17 endorsements were House candidates Mark Owens (R) and Mark Sanford (R). District 17 includes part of Grand Forks and part of rural Grand Forks County.

District 19 endorsements were Senate candidate Gerald Uglem (R), and House candidates Gary Paur (R) and Rep. Chris Griffin (D). District 19 is rural Grand Forks County.

District 21 endorsements were Senate candidate Cindy Pfeiffer (R), and House candidate Rachael Disrud (R).  District 21 is in the city of Fargo.

District 23 endorsements were House candidates Bill Devlin (R) and Rep. Don Vigesaa (R). District 23 includes Nelson, Griggs, parts of Benson, Eddy and Steele counties.

District 27 endorsements were Senate candidate Spencer Barry (R) and House candidate Rep. Randy Boehning (R). District 27 is in the city of Fargo

District 29 endorsements were incumbents Sen. Terry Wanzek (R), Rep. Craig Headland (R) and Rep. Chet Pollert (R). District 29 includes rural Stutsman, Foster and parts of Eddy, and Lamoure counties.

District 31 endorsements were Senate candidate Donald Schaible (R), and House candidate James Schmidt (R). District 31 includes Grant and Sioux counties and parts of Hettinger and Morton counties.

District 33 endorsements were incumbents Sen. Randel Christmann (R), Rep. Brenda Heller (R) and Rep. Gary Kreidt (R). District 33 includes Oliver and parts of Mercer and Morton counties.

District 35 endorsements were Senate candidate Margaret Sitte (R) and House candidate Rep. Karen Karls (R). District 35 is in the city of Bismarck

District 37 endorsement was incumbent Sen. Rich Wardner (R). District 37 is in the city of Dickinson.

District 39 endorsements were incumbents Sen. Bill Bowman (R), Rep. David Drovdal (R) and Rep. Keith Kempenich (R). District 39 includes McKenzie, Golden Valley, Billings, Slope, Bowman and Adams counties.

District 41 endorsements were incumbents Rep. Al Carlson (R) and Rep. Bette Grande (R).  District 41 is in the city of Fargo.

District 43 endorsements were Senate candidate Lonnie Laffen (R), and House candidates Donald Dietrich (R) and Curt Kreun (R). District 43 is in the city of Grand Forks.

District 45 endorsements were Senate candidate Ronald Sorvaag (R), and House candidate Joe Heilman (R). District 45 is in the city of Fargo.

District 47 endorsement was incumbent Sen. Ralph Kilzer (R). District 47 is in the city of Bismarck.

“We congratulate each of the candidates and believe they are outstanding choices,” Aasmundstad said. “Our CECs were diligent and effective in choosing candidates based on their effective leadership abilities and support of Farm Bureau positions. We appreciate the willingness of members in our counties to take the time to interview the candidates and forward recommendations to us so we can be assured we are supporting those candidates who share the philosophy of our organization.”

CEC members are comprised of county Farm Bureau directors or other members appointed by the county Farm Bureau president. The recommendations made by CECs are forwarded to the NDFB PAC Executive Committee for final determination.
The Executive Committee is comprised of a representative from each of the nine NDFB districts, the NDFB President and a member of the NDFB Board, elected to the committee by the NDFB Board.
The NDFB PAC is a legal entity separate from North Dakota Farm Bureau and may endorse and contribute financially to political candidates on the state level. NDFB PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from NDFB members.
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