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Created: 3/26/19 (Tue) | Topic: Leadership

March 26, 2019: Randy Lemm, longtime Farm Bureau member and staunch supporter of our grassroots policy development process, will be sworn in as District 20 Senator.

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This week, District 20 will have a new senator sworn in to fill a vacancy left by Senator Osland because of medical reasons. First off, we ask that everyone keep Senator Osland in their prayers so that he has a full recovery from his medical issues.

But we are excited at NDFB, to have one of our very own, someone who has been very involved at all levels of Farm Bureau. Randy Lemm from Hillsboro, North Dakota, will be sworn in this week as the new District 20 Senator.

Randy has served as president in the county, he has served numerous terms on the county Farm Bureau board. He has served on statewide committees and he’s been extremely engaged in the policy development process, of which we pride ourselves on at NDFB, that very grassroots policy development organization that we are.

So we know Randy will understand what is important to farmers and ranchers as he engages in both farming and ranching in the eastern part of North Dakota, and will make sure that we are doing everything we can in the state of North Dakota to keep our number one industry – agriculture  at the top of the scale, and make sure farmers and ranchers, and all others in North Dakota, have an opportunity at success.

So, congratulations to Randy Lemm of Hillsboro, North Dakota, one of our great Farm Bureau members from Traill County, in his new position as state Senator for District 20.  

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