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Created: 7/15/13 (Mon) | Topic: Issues        

NDFB supports House Farm Bill version

NDFB supports House Farm Bill version

The NDFB board of directors met on Friday, July 12, and agreed to support the House version of the new five-year farm bill that N.D. Congressman Kevin Cramer was instrumental in getting passed.

“We thank Congressman Cramer for his diligence on this issue and support the work he has done to get a bill which not only addresses our concerns about conservation compliance and crop insurance, but wetland mitigation and misunderstanding  about where most of the monies in the farm bill are spent,” said NDFB President Doyle Johannes of Underwood.

 The Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management (FAARM) Action of 2013 that passed the House separates the agriculture provisions from the food stamp program and ensures producers would not be subject to arbitrary land quality judgments by the Natural Resources Conservation Service in wetlands restoration.

“The amendment Congressman Cramer introduced, which ensures producers would not be required to do more than an acre-for-acre wetland restoration or creation ensures producers aren’t being taken advantage of or coerced,” Johannes said.

 Separating the food stamp program from the agriculture provisions will help demonstrate how much of the farm bill actually goes to food assistance and nutrition p programs as opposed to farmers and ranchers.

“Food assistance and nutrition programs actually account for almost three-quarters of the Ag Department’s budget,” Johannes said.

 NDFB also reiterated its support of not tying crop insurance to conservation compliance.

“We don’t support what the Senate version of the bill did with crop insurance and conservation compliance and hope that the conference committee will see the benefit of the House version,” Johannes said.

The bill now moves to a joint conference committee between the House and Senate.

To hear today's NDFB Newsline featuring lobbyist Eric Aasmundstad talk about NDFB's position on the House Farm Bill, go to our NDFB Newsline page at


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