NDFB Week coming in March

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In addition to a variety of activities held by county Farm Bureaus, each year NDFB holds a drawing contest for students in grades 4-5. This year, students should draw something related to one or more of the crops North Dakota is number one in. According to the most recent data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service, North Dakota ranks #1 in the following crops (including % of U.S. total)

Beans, Dry Edible, All - 38.8%

Beans, Dry Edible, Pinto - 67.09%

Canola - 84.5%

Flaxseed - 71.4%

Honey - 26.2%

Rye - 19.1%

Sunflower, All - 44.9%

Sunflower, Non-oil - 42.1%

Sunflower, Oil - 45.3%

Wheat, All - 17.1%

Wheat, Durum - 51.3%

Wheat, Spring - 47.1%

To learn more about the event, visit our NDFB Week page.

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