March 11, 2021

NDFB Week drawing contest winners announced

Topic: Events

BISMARCK, ND -- It doesn’t matter where you grew up or how many cattle or acres you own, farmers and ranchers are important to all of us. Farmers and ranchers across the state are celebrating NDFB Week, March 7-13, and recognizing everyone’s hard work to help agriculture flourish.

Fourth and fifth grade students took part in the celebration by participating in a drawing contest. Contestants were asked to draw farmers and ranchers working together to grow our food. Two winners in each grade were chosen in the following categories:

- Creativity and originality of the theme

- Quality of artistic composition and overall design

The fourth-grade winner for creativity is Hayden Wilm of Wheatland, N.D. Fourth-grade winner for artistic composition is Eliana Liskiewicz of Fargo, N.D.

The fifth-grade winner for creativity is Aftin Hendrickson of Rhame, N.D. Fifth-grade winner for artistic composition is Molly Jochim of Colebarbor, N.D.

“Children are so creative, and it’s always exciting to see what they come up with when you let their imaginations run,” said Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations. “The drawings all brought such originality to the contest.”

Each winner will receive $50.

NDFB Week was celebrated throughout the state by county Farm Bureaus. Many county Farm Bureaus hosted a Free Meat Monday and held ag trivia in their communities. NDFB’s Northeast Field Representative Becca hennessy shared her thoughts on the week in her most recent blog post on My NDFB Life.

"We celebrate agriculture because it fuels the world. We celebrate agriculture because it is an incredible lifestyle of hard work, determination, and selflessness; one that not all are lucky to experience."

View the winning drawings on the NDFB Week page.