July 10, 2020

Never a dull moment in the middle of nowhere

Topic: Education

By Haley Robison, NDFB Southwest Field Representative

Every day I am blessed to live where I do – in the middle of nowhere. However, some days I feel extra blessed to live where I do. And some days I feel like a zookeeper trying to manage the chaos in our lives.

Life is fun and always entertaining! Like the other day when we got home from Montana, I found a chicken stuck in the mud in my pig pen. Thankfully, the pigs were leaving her alone, but I had to get her out. Naturally, the chicken freaked out and started flapping her wings and covered me in mud/pig poop. It was just what I needed after an 8-hour drive with a toddler. Oh, the joys of having livestock!

The other morning, I went out to do chores and saw a black blob laying by the chicken coop. I immediately thought it was a dead chicken.

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