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Created: 4/23/19 (Tue) | Topic: Issues

From left, David Hovet, Senator Randy Lemm, Hillsboro, Governor Doug Burgum, Representative Aaron McWilliams and Andrew Galegher.

April 23, 2019: House Bill 1388 has been signed by Governor Burgum. It's a win for family farms and the future of agriculture in North Dakota.

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It is signed! House Bill 1388 was signed by Governor Doug Burgum. House Bill 1388 was a simple bill to allow a slight adjustment in the corporate farming laws in North Dakota and is a positive change for all family farms in North Dakota.

House Bill 1388 simply allows up to second cousins to become a part of the family farm corporation. This may not seem like that big of a change, but it will have an immediate impact on several families who are looking for a way bring that next generation of farmers and ranchers into the family farming business.

Yes, it is important that we keep all tools in the toolbox operational and available for family farms in North Dakota to be prosperous and of course to allow the opportunity to be self-reliant. This is just another one of those things, a little bit of expansion of freedom, opportunity and self-reliance.

And one of the families who are immediately affected by this change is the Galegher family from Grand Forks County. They gave their testimony of the possibility of having to dissolve their current family farm as a result of second cousins wanting to become a part of that family farm.

This is a big win for all family farms in North Dakota, and is a big win for North Dakota agriculture to allow and assist future generations to make their living off the land, and to be great stewards of our God-given natural resources.

Here at NDFB, we’d like to thank the Legislature and Governor Burgum for doing the right thing and assisting additional family farms and their futures.  

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