January 14, 2020

New podcast from NDFB President

Topic: Leadership

January 14: The NDFB Farm and Ranch Conference is coming to Fargo at the end of the month. It promises to be a don't miss kind of event, so makes plans to attend!

Download and listen to the 2020 Farm and Ranch Conference mp3.

Read the trasncript:

Are you looking for a little enjoyable weekend getaway, gathered with other farmers and ranchers from throughout the state? If you are, join us January 31st through February 2nd in Fargo. It’s our Farm and Ranch Conference put on and hosted by our Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee, who have spent the last year planning a tremendous event.

There’ll be entertainment, there will be educational breakout sessions. If you want to learn about precision ag, or maybe you want to just find out what’s new in barbecuing from BBQ Bootcamp.

Friday night, we’ll have the Farm Babe, a very famous blogger who will be there and share her story of being a city girl turned farm girl in Iowa. So, there’s something for everyone there. But most of all, it’s the gathering together of farmers and ranchers, NDFB members from across the state to visit, share their stories, talk about issues that concern them, learn about similarities from one end of the state to the other, or learn how things are different.

Oh. And don’t forget, maybe you’re that person that likes to have very in-depth discussions, or detailed discussion or debates. The Discussion Meet will be held where someone will win a Polaris 4-wheeler and a trip to the 2021 American Farm Bureau Federation convention to compete at the national level. So, if you’re needing a new 4-wheeler, maybe that’s motivation enough for you to come.

January 31st through February 2nd in Fargo, gathering together will be a good time at the NDFB Farm and Ranch Conference.