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Created: 5/16/22 (Mon) | Topic: Education


Farming with Mom and Dad and wondering what the future holds? Want to continue your family’s legacy? Emmery and Ezra visit with Marissa Nehlsen about the five steps to successfully transition the farm from one generation to the next.
We talk about how to:

  • Determine the Why, What, Who, When and How of starting the process
  • Manage risk and take advantage of tax opportunities 
  • Cut the government out
  • Get a will and a health care directive for $75 
  • Ask the important questions: What is critical for this farm to continue? 

Marissa Nehlsen grew up on a farm in North Dakota and is the CEO of Freedom Financial, LLC. Marissa is dedicated to educating business owners about how to make sound business decisions. With a passion for agriculture, Marissa and her team help transition the farm to the next generation.

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