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Created: 6/13/14 (Fri) | Topic: Events

BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Jack Dalrymple is calling on North Dakotans to observe Flag Day, Saturday, June 14, by displaying the American flag and honoring those who have served and sacrificed in defense of this great nation.

The Governor directs officials to display the American flag on all state government buildings at full staff throughout Flag Day and encourages citizens to fly the Stars and Stripes from their homes and other suitable places.

“Since its adoption in 1777, the American flag has symbolized freedom and opportunity for generations of Americans, embodying our nation’s highest ideals of equality and justice for all,” Dalrymple said. “As we look upon the flag, we are reminded of the great sacrifices that have been made, and continue to be made, by our brave men and women in uniform, who throughout our history, have defended the flag and the liberties for which it stands. Today, we honor them and celebrate all that Old Glory represents for our state and nation.”

Dalrymple is also encouraging North Dakotans to observe the days from Flag Day through Independence Day as a time to honor America, to celebrate our rich heritage, and to express our gratitude to those who have secured our freedoms and to those who defend them still today.

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