July 14, 2022

Old habits are hard to break

Topic: Leadership

by Darlene Thomason, NDFB Member Services/Office Coordinator

Part of my job for NDFB is to coordinate the NDFB Annual Meeting and the Farm and Ranch Conference. I am also a member of the Fargo Chapter DAVA and this past April the Fargo chapters of the Disabled American Vets (DAV) and the DAV Auxiliary (DAVA) hosted the N.D. State DAV/DAVA Conference. This is my first experience attending one of these conferences as I’ve only been a member for a couple years. Having no responsibilities except to show up as a voting delegate, I was excited to be on the “other side” of this event.

Well, old habits are hard to break, especially if you have had them for over 25 years.

On the first evening, there was a hospitality room. It opened at 5:30 p.m. I arrived shortly thereafter and before I knew it, I was putting food out, making sure there were plenty of napkins and plates available for the snacks and so on and so forth. Well, you can only do so much in a hospitality room, so I walked around socializing with other attendees. Then I noticed some of our members carrying items from one room to another and I thought to myself, “Oh, we have the live auction going on I better go help.” 

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