May 21, 2024

Olin Receives the NDFB Student Volunteer Scholarship

Topic: Education

Grace Olin from New Salem received the NDFB Student Volunteer Scholarship. The $2,500 scholarship is the newest scholarship available to high school seniors who have volunteered for NDFB.

Olin has volunteered over 80 hours, helping to educate children about where their food comes from through the Living Ag in the Classroom and How Did That Get in My Lunchbox programs.

“I feel it is crucial for children in today’s society to be exposed to agricultural surroundings,” said Olin. “So many kids think their food just comes from the grocery store. When they find out how it gets from farm to table, they always want to know more.”

Through her volunteer work, Olin has witnessed countless children's faces light up while learning about agriculture. She has fielded various questions about how their food reaches their plates.

“One significant gap in students' understanding of production agriculture lies in their limited exposure to the realities of modern farming practices and the problems of the agricultural industry,” said Olin. “While many students may have a basic understanding of agriculture's importance in providing food and other essential products, they often lack a deeper understanding of the challenges, innovations, and diverse career opportunities within the field.”

The NDFB Student Volunteer scholarship is one of four other scholarships offered by NDFB. A complete list of scholarships can be found at

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