February 12, 2018

On Your Table

Topic: Education

Cutting through the “food noise” on the internet is the goal of On Your Table, an original blog devoted to common-sense information on food safety and health. The blog is a project of NDFB.

"Frankenfoods. Images of syringes in tomatoes to represent GMOs. There is so much misinformation about food out there. It can be incredibly confusing for a parent who just wants to feed their family a healthy meal,” said NDFB Executive Vice President and CEO Jeffrey Missling.

On Your Table shares information about food in a concise and fun way. It addresses misconceptions, profiles farmers, unpacks food trends and more.

As Americans, we have abundant food choices,” said NDFB Content and Communications Director Dawn Smith-Pfeifer. “Whether the food is organic or conventionally raised, contains GMOs or not, it is all healthy and safe, and we want to help spread that information.”

NDFB’s Promotion and Education Committee serves in an advisory capacity to On Your Table.

“The committee is comprised of moms and dads from across the state who have the same concerns about feeding their families safe and healthy food,” said Smith-Pfeifer.

The blog also features farm-tested recipes, nutrition and food safety information, food facts, and an Ask a Farmer tab where people can submit their questions, and they will be answered by a North Dakota farmer or rancher.

“We like to say On Your Table is a place where truth meets food. We hope the site will empower any parent to feel confident in the food they are feeding their families. It’s your table. It’s your choice,” Smith-Pfeifer said.

On Your Table can be accessed at or through the homepage of the NDFB website at