Our date picked us

Created: 4/12/19 (Fri) | Topic: Education

By Alisha Nord, NDFB Southeast Field Representative

Calving season, stock show season, planting, harvest, putting up hay – so when exactly is the free time? Especially if you are looking to plan for a special day, let’s say, to get married! If you are involved in the above seasons, you may answer, never. Which is exactly what my fiancé Dan and I said when trying to decide on a wedding date. Does this mean a Vegas wedding? Okay, I am just kidding, but we did think about it for a quick second.

When farming and ranching is your life, free days seem quite limited. And trying to plan around not one but TWO farming/ranching families, not including our own, can be slightly hectic. So how did we go about picking a date? The date chose us.

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