Pay it forward in pizza next weekend

Created: 5/11/12 (Fri) | Topic: Events

A blog post today at Just Farmers, by pork producer and former AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair Chris Chinn, talks about paying it forward — with pizza. 

Chinn is encouraging all farmers and ranchers to show Dominos their appreciation for recently standing up to the Humane Society of the United States by buying Dominos pizza for their families during the weekend of May 19-20. Domino’s shareholders in late April defeated an HSUS measure that would have required its suppliers to go gestation crate-free.
“I was so encouraged to hear that the stockholders of Domino’s Pizza share my stand on animal care,” says Chinn in her blog post. “The company announced that it would rely on animal experts to determine what is the best way to raise an animal that’s being used for food.  As a farmer, I respect Domino’s for its common sense decision and for trusting the experts in animal care.
“Domino’s decision speaks volumes to me as a farmer,” continues Chinn.  “It shows they trust the experts I trust.  It shows they trust me. I appreciate that.”
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