August 7, 2020

Raising them with roots

Topic: Education

By Emily Evert, NDFB Assistant Corporate Secretary

Working for a farm organization directly engages me with agriculture almost every day however I never realized how similar raising  kids is to growing crops. Sometimes I question if I am doing the right thing and if our kids have enough to grow in this world. Then shortly thereafter they say one little thing out of the blue that reassures you and the gratification suddenly makes your worries melt away. Of course if your kids are happy and healthy you are doing an amazing job. I have to remind myself sometimes that although I see what is growing I can’t forget about the unseen roots and all of the nutrients and devotion they have received, which surface in those moments of uncertainty. In the moments where they ask for a snack while eating dinner, demand to wear flip-flops to t-ball and refuse to wear their glove, or tell a complete stranger that their dad is so big he could pick them up, you do you!

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