Resolutions to be heard in D.C. next week

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December 10: NDFB will be in Washington, D.C. December 16-18 for the AFBF Resolutions Meeting. Learn more about how it all works.

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We are approaching the final leg of the policy development process of the Farm Bureau network. December 16th through the 18th, presidents from each of the states including Puerto Rico, will be at the American Farm Bureau Federation office to discuss the policies sent forward as national policies from each of the individual states.

During the 77th annual meeting and convention, we had a very rigorous and vigorous – yet respectful – debate on what policies should guide our organization going forward. And some of those policies were national policies that we forwarded on to the AFBF. This is the first phase of the two phases that happen for national policies to be set. This one includes the presidents having the rigorous, vigorous debate around the table to decide which ones will go on for consideration at the annual meeting in Austin, Texas in January.

This is not taken lightly. All of our state leaders understand there are unique things when you talk about different regions of the country – or each individual state – and we have to be respectful of different issues in different areas. But rest assured, we will be making our case for our issues that we saw, that needed to be addressed for North Dakota farmers and ranchers. And we will work hard to make sure that they get forwarded on to the national convention in January.

Once they get to the national convention, they’ll go through another rigorous and vigorous debate with the delegates who are assigned from each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico to discuss as a large group and decide if it’s something that should be implemented into national policy or not.

This is a grassroots policy development organization all the way from the county level in North Dakota to the federal level of American Farm Bureau Federation.

At NDFB, we fight for our great farmers and ranchers, and we believe that the policies our members bring forward are as important as any other policy brought forward by any other state in the nation.

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