Route 1000 classes coming soon

Created: 3/03/15 (Tue) | Topic: Benefits

If you haven't already done so, please consider signing your teen driver up for a Route 1000 class. The first spring class is on March 23 in Minot.

The classes are held across the state in the spring and in the fall and generally take about an hour. That's a small amount of time to devote to ensuring your teen will have an added incentive to drive safely.

To participate in the class, your teen must be a licensed driver under the age of 18 and you or a legal guardian must attend the one-hour course. At the end the class, your teen will sign an agreement promising to follow the key points covered in the short course.

After 1,000 days of safe driving with no traffic tickets and/or accidents caused by your teen's actions, he or she will receive a $500 check.

To check out all the classes available, click here.

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