October 17, 2017

Safe driving could net you $500

Topic: Benefits

This week is National Teen Driver's Safety Week, and NDFB is proud to play a role in teen driver safety education.
This November, NDFB is holding a set of Route 1000 classes throughout the state that are aimed to encourage teenagers to drive safely by providing an opportunity to receive $500 after 1,000 days of safe driving.
To participate in the class, teenagers must register for the class before their 18th birthday, be a licensed driver and attend a one-hour class with a parent or legal guardian. In the end, the teenagers will sign an agreement promising to follow the key points covered in the short course. After 1,000 days of safe driving with no traffic tickets and/or accidents caused by their actions, the teens will receive a $500 check.
“We’ve seen remarkable success with this class,” said NDFB Executive Vice President and CEO Jeffrey Missling. “In the last couple years, 78 percent of teenagers who participated in Route 1000 completed the 1,000 days successfully and received $500. The reward comes at a perfect time, as the students are buying college supplies and starting their next phase of life.”
Classes will be held in: (click on the city name to register for that class)
Devils Lake
Grand Forks
For information on the program, please visit or call 701-298-2218.