February 15, 2022

So what do you do?

Topic: Education

by Emily Evert, NDFB Assistant Corporate Secretary

It’s the first question everyone asks when meeting someone new for the first time. It is a great ice breaker, whether people are genuinely interested or just making small talk. When someone asks me this question, it can sometimes take me a second to gather the right words to explain my job. Of course, I could rattle off my job duties but that just doesn’t suffice as my “job” entails so much more! I want to express what our organization does and how passionate and driven the staff are.

After thinking for a second and tabling those previous thoughts, I answer that I work for North Dakota Farm Bureau and am always answered with, “Ohhhh, okay.” I explain our affiliation with Nodak Insurance Company, which usually ignites more recognition but quickly relates what I do to insurance. This leads to the second question I am asked, “So you sell insurance?” No, I don’t sell insurance and by this point in the conversation I have really confused my new acquaintance. 

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