May 8, 2023

Speaking to the future of ag and politics

Topic: Issues

By Emmery Mehlhoff, NDFB Public Policy Liaison

NDSU students asked me to speak on campus during Ag Week, a week dedicated to celebrating agriculture, about how a bill becomes law and how agriculture fits into the process. A couple dozen students sat in a large classroom in Minard Hall, eating pizza and attentively listening to me explain how the North Dakota legislative process works. 

College students are my favorite age to talk to. They are like sponges, soaking up information. On the verge of independence, they are deciding what they think and believe. Many are still contemplating their career path and looking for direction. It’s the perfect time to talk about how politics will affect every aspect of their life. 

Not many people think “fun” and “legislative process” belong in the same sentence but I do.

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